Thursday, 24 September 2015

Learning Management System (SmartUMS) and students of University of Malaysia Sabah

This system is UMS official online learning system. The system implementation is based on CAPs PSPTN for E-learning and UMS-KRA1: To enhance teaching and learning excellence. The system is put under E-Learning Implementer Committee and integrated with HR-Online System to provide employee information and Student Information System to provide information of course offered, lecturer, and student.

The implementation objective is to provide facility for online teaching and learning. Among functions serve by this application are:
                 i.            Upload and download documents such as lecture notes, references in form of texts, and multimedia documents.
                 ii.            Link to publish journals proposed by lecturer
              iii.            Forum, chat and message facilities. Message facility can be evaluated to be given scores
                iv.            Online quiz
                  v.            Serve as online medium for assignment online submission
                vi.            Survey and data mining process for research purposes
             vii.            Wiki and glossary for reference and elevate student’s knowledge
   viii.     Sub function of statistics usage system that is integrated with CAPs PSPTN needs

Access to this application:

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