Thursday, 24 September 2015

University of Malaysia Sabah: Research Management and Conference Information System

The system is UMS research grant management system handled by Centre of Innovation and Research UMS. The system is integrated with HR-Online System and UMS Official Portal.
The implementation objectives are to develop comprehensive research management, conference, and innovation information system to ease management and administrative relating to research and conferences at UMS.
This application provides:
                   i.            UMS External research grant application (CR1.1 Form)
                 ii.            Management of UMS Research Grant Scheme application
a.     Check research grant documents
b.     Monitoring evaluation of research working paper
c.       Validate UMS Research Grant application
d.     Application approval
e.       Generate code for research grant
f.       List overall application
              iii.            Management of application to attend conferences
             iv.            Manage record and report related to research grant (publication, conference, IP status)
           v.            Monitoring research grant
       vi.            User system management
  vii.            Link to E-Account System (Research Grant Financial Management System)
viii.            Entry of expertise information (register expertise, and expertise recognition)

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